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A Strong and Safe Cyber ​​System: The Inevitable Need Of The Present!

Even though at the government level, today’s talk of “Digital India” has been discussing the benefits of the internet and its associated benefits, but even in a country like India, the large population has more than a decade of this system integral to their daily lives. Parties are maintained. Whether it is a matter of exchange of messages through email or payment of your bills, purchase online or apply for jobs, take advantage of banking facilities or book railway or air tickets, all Internet has been used in India for a long time. Apart from this, the arrival of social media and smart phones (especially low prices) has brought a kind of socialism in this area and this facility has succeeded in making the deal accessible to the common people as well.

It is difficult to say that if the facility of Facebook or WhatsApp is discontinued for only one day, then more problems will be introduced to people of the age group, because people of almost all ages are using it very simply and efficiently. In many cases, the children who have barely made penetration in such a way in life in their children’s lives, as well as a virtual world, as well as a virtual world has taken shape, which is called the “virtual world” in the language of the Internet is.

Now because the concern and dependence of the common man has increased to the level of sensitivity on this system, its strength and security have also become necessary to the extent. Today, a time has come when some disturbances in the cyber system can also cause the loss of billions of trillions and many other complications.

Anything that seems luxuriant in its earliest stages becomes the need of our life just like any other normal need after a period of time. The same is with the internet and other cyber facilities. Although India is still going through the transition period to a lesser extent, because only a fraction of the many features of our facilities have been digitized and a large section of the traditional (i.e. offline) methods Only uses. One reason for this is that we leave the computer or the Internet to a large extent, we have not been able to reach even the basic thing like electricity. Well, if not today or tomorrow, then it will be necessary to make sure that our cyber system is safe and secure.

Anything has become important to us, it is important to know that once a unreal life is imagined without it. One such idea I am presenting:

If our cyber system stops working for some reason-

  • Our banking system will collapse.
  • Our stock market will be completely stalled.
  • Our communication system (mobile, telephone), broadcast system (radio, TV, cinema) will stop working.
  • Without the shipping system, our rail, air traffic etc. will not be able to operate.
  • Online trading by companies will not be possible.
  • Our work of dependent research (especially associated with space research) will stop.

A general estimate of the importance of maintaining the cyber system from the above points can be easily applied. Although these estimates were related to discontinuing the functioning of the cyber system, there is another aspect of it – due to some malfunction or other disturbances, it started functioning incorrectly, and the consequences can be so terrible if this happens. Think beyond imagination.

Disturbances in cyber system can also be the result of any technical problem and also the external interference, which is called cyber attack in the language of computer.

Major defense thinkers of his time, such as McAvalyley, A.T. Mahan and Duheet etc, respectively, laid out their strategies to deal with the attacks of land, water and Gagan respectively, but they would not have imagined in their own time in this virtual world war.

The cyber attack executed in an employed manner has the power to destroy the enemy without sounding. In this way, without the loss of our own self, we can make a huge loss of the enemy and make it possible to say, “He has not taken lightly, with a sharp knife.”

An example of an attack by the ‘Stuxnet’ virus in 2010 (or some earlier) on 5 organizations associated with Iran’s uranium enrichment and nuclear program can be taken here, which has put Iran’s centrifuges out of control and its nuclear program over the years. Was pushed. Here the enemy country (probably Israel or the United States) did not have to send an army and no bomb had to be dropped. Similarly, a virus called “Duku” was created to mimic the outline of Iran’s nuclear program.

In recent days, the attack of malware known as ‘Vanakrai’ was a great deal that encrypted the essential information on your computer and instead sought access to ransom (which led to it being classified as ‘Ransomware’). This kind of cyber attack has the potential to harm widely.

If these attacks are only financially harmful, then they can be tolerated once, but nowadays the concept of cyber espionage has put people’s privacy and national security of the countries in jeopardy. “Operation Shady Rat” released from the year 2006 and India was targeted, and in the year 2009, the ghostnet attack which had reached the information of Indian security agencies came into this category.

Another challenge in the challenges of the cyber world has arisen since social media sites, it is the rapid spread of sensitive reports capable of spoiling the atmosphere in a fictitious or rapid way. The number of times viral news has become viral on the social media, the danger of the country’s communal atmosphere is getting worse. In 2012, due to some such news, a large number of people from Northeast India living in Bangalore had fled there.

Now let’s talk about these challenges for which we need cyber security experts. Here are some of the situations that are not satisfactory. Though the world is seen as an IT superpawn in the world, but according to a news published in the national newspaper in 2013, India has a total of 556 cyber security experts, while we need millions of such experts.

We have to understand that in the way we do not leave any form of security in our defense budget, in the same way, it will also be considered a front which can be fatal to the consequences of leaving the ignore.

On this front, the understanding of technology in the place of valor will save us, and we need to prepare an army of people with this technical understanding in the same way that countries such as China, America or Russia have prepared, then only we can be safe from all around Will be able to claim. However, it is not that India has completely abandoned this challenge. In the year 2004, only to deal with cyber security challenges, “Indian Computer Emergency Response Team” (Which is popularly known as IRT-IN), which has been implementing various measures related to cyber security from time to time. One such initiative was initiated by the institution of ‘Cyber ​​Hygiene Center’ in February this year. The work of ‘Cyber ​​Cleanliness Center’ is to provide security solutions for desktop and mobile. The result of joint efforts of this institution and other agencies was that the recent attack of malware attack called ‘Vanakrai’ did not have any impact on India. Apart from this, there is also a category ethical hackers who use their technical knowledge and talents to circumvent such attacks. However, It is difficult to identify such an ethical hackers, but they have a strong presence in India. Like other alert countries, India needs more institutional efforts to deal with potential cyber attacks and other related issues, only then we will be able to convey the benefits of digitization to a wider public gathering. 

Updated: October 17, 2018 — 3:55 pm

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