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Concept of ‘New India’: Challenges and Prospects

“There are beautiful images, the steps of the principality, you will not understand the state. You are a naday now, 
they got in the exhibition wearing worms, I asked the name so that Hindustan is.”

Dushyant Kumar, a famous poet, wrote these lines in the 80s after nearly 30 years of India’s independence, the resolution made by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in the famous speech given by Trustee Javaharlal Nehru on the eve of Independence – in which poverty, unemployment , Conservatism etc. and all were resolved to meet the basic needs of life like health, education, housing and drinking water- a If the person was teasing, did the situation change in the second decade of the twenty-first century after nearly 70 years of independence? Have all the basic needs of people been fulfilled? The answer is not at all, But there is a lot that has changed and it is India’s ability to deal with these problems. Today many positive situations are with India, so that we can fulfill this resolve. That is why India’s Supreme Ideology Policy Commission and Government of India have conceptualized a new goal ‘New India’.

The concept of any subject matter is actually an imagination. But this is not a fantasy but based on logical and relevant circumstances. Thus Concept of New India is also a concept based on logical consistent circumstances. It has been conceived in such a specific India that there will not be any problems that exist so far and the person will be living a glorious life. New India will be an India in which there will be LPG, electricity, internet connection and home to AC and toilets for people. People will be highly educated and fully educated. There will be a network of sophisticated and a large infrastructure. All will have cars (two-wheelers or four-wheelers). Which will be environmentally clean. There air, water, village, city will be clean and it will be a globally influential country. Poverty, unemployment, and corruption etc. GDP of India will be almost 2 today

It is a questionable question, will the Concept of New India given above so easily be embodied? Because the way that looks as simple as it really does not. Therefore, we should seriously consider the challenges which can be detrimental to achieving the goal of New India or may create problems.

In fact, it is also a major challenge because of the growth rate and the size of the economy in which we are giving New India the shape of the economy, since the trend of protectionism is increasing in the world since the recession of 2007-08. Whether it’s a breakthrough or the win of Donald Trump in America Wherever protectionism was everywhere, this was the main issue that could lead to developing economies like India to maintain its growth rate at a high level. Similarly, if the growth rate is talked about, then it is true that the slowdown has not had much impact on India and it is currently one of the fastest growing economies, but is this development inclusive? Today 10% of India’s people have 90% of the assets, whereas 90% of the population has only 10% and this imbalance is increasing continuously. Even if it is considered that India’s economy over the next 15 years

“The village season is pink in your files, 
but these statistics are false, this claim is book.”

The second major challenge, which is in front of New India, is to make optimum utilization of its demographic dividend efficiently and efficiently. India is a country with a population of 135 crores, 62% of its population is under the age of 59, i.e., is involved in the work force. But nearly 50% of it is destroying its precious capacity in unproductive work as unemployed in the agricultural sector. Today, various Degrees or Degree people in India are wandering for rate of 4th class jobs because they are not getting any work according to their merit. Apart from this, continuous employment is decreasing in the organized sector since 1991 in India. Anyway it is only 10% of the total employment. Technical development in India and other areas of the world is replacing human labor. There is three job deficit in India under which total employment, Good employment and women’s employment is continuously decreasing. Employment creation in India, which is at the lowest level in the last 6 years. So it is a daunting task to all the people and if they can not do this, then the dividend will not be less than any calamity for New India.

Similarly, it will be a daunting task for our half-population ie women to collaborate in India’s development and the creation of New India, because India is a patriarchal society in which so far women have not been freed from the wall of the house. Today, there is no example of any country in the world which is developing only on men’s strength without giving them respect and equal status. Perhaps that is why Swami Vivekanand said,  It is not easy to fly with a wings like a bird, so the welfare of this society is not possible without the improvement of the situation of women.”

In the concept of New India, where we have envisioned environmentally clean and polluting cities on one side, the Commission has told two-wheelers, four-wheelers to each person in their New India Vision, which is in the environment There are significant reasons for pollution, and when the whole world is promoting the public transport system, then if we promote personal transportation Yu will not India but will stand his face challenges.

Energy is the most important and necessary in every aspect of any country’s development, but today India needs to fulfill 80% of its energy requirement by almost imports, which can not focus on other social security schemes and development projects. Therefore, through renewable and non-conventional energy resources, there will be serious efforts to face this challenge.

Falling sex ratio (infant sex ratio from 927 in 2011 to 916 in 2011), high infant and mortality rate (41 per thousand and 72 per lakh respectively), low quality education (Class 5 child class 2 could not be questioned) NGO first report ) And low-level health facilities (most malnourished children WHO in India) etc.

With this there are other countless and challenges that we can not conform to the concept of New India or they will have to face New India. As the unrest in the internal and external areas of India, whether it is a problem of separatism, terrorism in Kashmir or spreading in about 200 districts in the interior areas of India, Naxalism Increasing intolerance (killing of Kumburgi, Dabholkar and Pansare), due to increasing migration of the unbalanced level of development between villages and cities and due to urban pressures and increased pressure on the cities, rising slum, backwardness of agriculture, etc., due to rising farmers suicides etc. How can we create a New India by ignoring all these challenges?

But it is not that if there are many challenges in some work, then it can not be done, no work in the world is impossible. If we are tried diligently, diligently and honestly, in the right direction, we can achieve any goal. Therefore it is said that-

“Who says that there can not be a hole in the sky, 
oh , do not hurl a stone.”

Today there are many positive conditions with India. Which can make the concept of New India come true. For example , according to Marx, the economic structure is the basic structure which shapes other socio-economic-political-cultural structures.So if the financial condition is good then there is a good possibility that you can customize the other circumstances accordingly. Today, India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, whose GDP is 2.45 trillion dollars and according to the Policy Commission it will be 7 in the next 15 years. 5 trillion dollars and the expenditure of the center and states will increase from current Rs 38 lakh crore to Rs 92 lakh crore to 130 lakh crore. Therefore, the dream of New India will not be difficult to achieve. The development engine for any country is its industry. Today, India is getting booming position in the field of manufacturing through an Initiative like Make in India, which is not only generating huge amounts of employment. Rather, the problems of most countries are unavailability of the market, whereas in India, a very large middle class is providing the basis for India’s economic development in the form of a market for these goods. Keeping this in mind, Japanese economic analysis has said that-

‘This is the begining of a big bang for India’

The other factor that makes the other factor logically reasonable is the fact that the demographic benefits available to India are available in India. Today India is the youngest country, its average age is 28 years, while its 62 percent population is included in the work force which is ready to take India to a new height. Today, the growing age of the people of China and European countries and the expensive labor is becoming an important problem. So companies are turning towards cheap labor-oriented countries like India, while the Indian government is preparing to take advantage of this opportunity by training them through various schemes, such as Skil India, Ustad etc, which is the problem of New India’s unemployment problem Would be helpful in the solution.

India’s contribution to service sector in GDP is a positive sign, because it gives India valuable foreign exchange. A large number of educated English speaking youth KPOs in India are not only receiving self employment through BPO, but are presenting India as an IT hub in front of the world.

As far as education is concerned, at the primary level in India, it is able to achieve 100% enrollment rate and at the higher level, it is preparing educated and trained human resources through various vocational courses. Those who live in glorified life with high standard of living in New India. According to the Policy Commission, per person income in the next 15 years which is currently around one lakh, will increase by two lakhs and reach 3 lakh, which will be the most important factor in eliminating poverty from the country.

Apart from this, today, through various schemes, Government of India is moving forward towards the development of infrastructure through electricity connections (Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana), Gas connection (Ujjwala Scheme) and Bharat Nirman. Internet connection is being provided to people through digital India and e-governance and efforts are being made to eradicate corruption by reducing interaction between government machinery and people. Similarly, public awareness campaigns are being organized to clean the city and the village through Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and renewable energy is being given importance to reduce environmental pollution.

Therefore, challenges before New India are not less serious, but thankfully this time, this is not a mere fantasy but a conceptual concept based on logical and relevant circumstances, on which various schemes, projects, such as Jan Dhan Yojana for inclusive growth, Skill India Mission to educate human resources, food safety missions and food safety missions to solve the problem of food security malnutrition Extractor has been through schemes such as trade and business GST and e-governance and digital India to reduce corruption to create an atmosphere attempting to New India.

Therefore, on the basis of the above analysis, there is no doubt that the concept of New India is in fact the concept of making a paradise on earth, but in reality it is not less challenging than any man’s work, but thankfully that Manjhi And we too must be successful in this. And finally, with the devotion of Kumar Vinod, I will stop my writing.

“What’s wrong, if not in my right of roar?” 
What happened if the kashinas also walked in the opposite direction. 
See, it is standing up to it. Even today, 
the work of the hurricanes is gone, then what happened? 
At least you do it yourself, but I 
‘m sure you do not have a girlfriend , you are not sure what happened. “

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