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Most farmers in India.

Journalist of a reputed journal goes to the farmers in villages to take stock of the situation of agriculture and as a survey asks them, what do you want your child to do in the future? The answer received is very startling. In a country where agriculture is not a question of economic business and employment, it is a matter related to people’s culture, social system and faith, where festivals are determined according to the crops of farmers and in the imagination of poets, its golden period Songs exist, 40% of the farmers do not want to give their child the farming business! According to him, he will consent to the child to do any honorable work as an alternative, but not farming. This answer of the peasants is a one-time surprise; But if any enlightened sensitive person looks at the situation of agriculture in India, then this is probably the answer. The trend of rising suicides among peasants is not only indicative of the absence of better means of livelihood of agriculture in India. This paradoxical feeling is so overwhelming because India is the country where ‘land’ has been given the status of ‘mother’, where every kind of climate is available, where there is soil supporting all kinds of crops, rivers There is such a vast confluence of which can meet the requirement of irrigation, and mountains, plateaus, coastal plains, delta etc. are also here in which every kind of crop can be produced. There is also such a huge human labor which has a traditional knowledge related to agriculture, as well as a huge market for the production of it, there is also availability here. For this reason the poet has considered ‘India’ as the synonym of ‘farm’ – Delta etc. are also here in which every kind of crop can be produced. There is also such a huge human labor which has a traditional knowledge related to agriculture, as well as a huge market for the production of it, there is also availability here. For this reason the poet has considered ‘India’ as the synonym of ‘farm’ –

“India ……
The greatest word of my honor
wherever used to be used
all the other words becomes meaningless .” The
meaning of India is
not related to any Dushyant
but is filed in the field
where food grows. ”

In such a situation, there are some questions arising in the mind, for example, what are the symptoms that confirm the existence of an efficient source of livelihood in India? Is this condition of agriculture in India only? Is this the situation of all farmers? Or even small farmers, The status of landlord-raiyat and workers is different? When some big farmers are still earning millions of rupees from agriculture, then why is this a tragic instrument for the rest? Is not the source of livelihood of agriculture a result of the current situation or the destiny of agriculture has always been such a thing? The basic question is why is the situation of agriculture like this? Why agriculture has become ‘death tool’ by ‘life-time’? Why think about the farmer today, the same memory gets refreshed which Premchand wrote while describing ‘Hori’? Why is reading and writing considered to be an alternative to harvesting? And finally when and how will this condition of agriculture improve? By going to the bottom of these questions, we will be able to do justice with the basic need of this issue.

At present, about 50% direct and 70% indirect way in the life of the people in India is agriculture. These people perform agricultural activities under agriculture, besides animal husbandry, horticulture, fisheries, silk production, forestry, etc., but most of these people can not get the necessary ingredients to live an honorable and dignified life through them. Are there. Access to education, health, training, better housing and opportunities etc. of this class still remains inaccessible. The more worrying thing is that a large section of the farmers is not able to live through agriculture and is cursed to end life by suicide. There is, of course, a group in the farming community which is living a life of luxury through a farmer, and for which agriculture is a profitable business rather than a means of livelihood; But such people are in the number of exceptions; The question of agricultural existence for most people remains the question. As an exception, those who are living an honorable and economically profitable life through agriculture are related to the group that either the farmer is wearing a cloak to save tax or for whom agriculture is only a short term profession. A large proprietary farmer of land, which is able to better utilize various schemes and equipment, has become an efficient source of livelihood for agriculture.

Historically, it has not been a source of great wealth for people associated with agriculture; In spite of having maximum participation in tax, the benefits of agriculture in ancient and medieval times have never been received by the majority of the farmers. The maximum share of them was grabbed by middlemen and ruling class. In the colonial era, the complete exploitation mechanism was hampered on the plight of the peasants and the empire of the British Empire gained energy by absorbing the surplus of the peasants.

Despite the importance of agriculture in the Indian perspective, it is still not an efficient source of livelihood for the majority of farmers. Since the productivity and empowerment of agriculture, the environmental and physical components of land, soil, water, climate, temperature and precipitation; Depending on other factors such as land reform, irrigation, hybrid seeds, energy, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, techniques and mechanization such as political will and administrative efficiency and integrity etc., its sensitivity increases. This sensitivity of agriculture is also a matter of discussion even more deeply because the importance of agriculture to India is not only important in terms of food security, employment, rural development, raw materials for industries, export promotion but it is important for women empowerment, poverty Prevention is also a major factor in ensuring sustainable development.

Discussing the reasons for the lack of a better source of livelihood of agriculture, it would be obvious that there is no one major cause responsible for it and a whole series is guilty. Low productivity of agriculture, dependence on monsoon for irrigation, poor quality of public investment; In the field of energy, transport, storage and distribution, the backwardness of the infrastructure, the problems of agricultural credit, the faulty minimum support system, the problem of land reform, the lack of technical skills etc. have made it today not to be transformed into a profitable business. In the light of these factors, we can understand the plight of agriculture; This is the reason why agriculture today is generally the subject of discussion only for negative reasons, whether it is a case of farmer suicides or a continuous display of debt for farmers by farmers. Farmers should throw their produce on the road or administrative inaction in agriculture policies, These reports are also common. These situations give the point of why the farmer today is happy to live a hellish urban life, but he does not want to make agriculture his full time profession! The poet has written for the same miserable condition of agriculture –

“The religious leaders had told them that in the discourse the person who
suicides himself goes straight to hell
, even then
what had happened worse than the hell of his suicide, his farming.”

It is not that efforts are being made to change this situation at the government level. National Agriculture Policy, National Farmer Policy, Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme, National Agricultural Development Plan, Prime Minister Agriculture Irrigation Scheme, traditional agriculture for organic farming, to accelerate the country’s economic progress through agriculture and to bring it to the last person. Development plan, soil health card scheme, e-name, national food processing mission, central scheme of blue revolution No and National Gokul Mission etc. But lack of coordination due to lack of agricultural awareness and lack of education, governmental heights and corruption and the state’s list of states has not allowed these efforts to reach its culmination.

Not only for the majority of the farming community, but for the livelier and successful enterprises of the country as a source of livelihood, there is much left to be done. First of all, agriculture requires a holistic and integrated strategy, for which the suggestion of making agriculture a topic of concurrent list is also presented. In addition, improvement in land leasing laws, storage, marketing, communication, development of roads, market related infrastructure through public-private model, development of irrigation management and climate change based insurance plan, quality seeds, development of fertilizers and pesticides, Enriching the simple and inexpensive technique and developing efficient supply chain, honestly implement areas like agriculture Can be found. Apart from this, exploiting the agricultural potential of the North-East region, making the minimum support price beneficial, e-market, e-market,

Therefore, it can be said as a conclusion that there is no two opinion in the fact that agriculture has not been a competent source of livelihood in India, but seeing it as a declaration of ‘end of agriculture’, as a falling state of agriculture He should accept and implement various reforms at the level of all the government, society, administration and the people, and it is one of the means of determining the growth of society along with an able means of livelihood. Ttvpuarn should be established as an ingredient.

“We will not be there, even then these fields will
remain waving cows on these farms, remaining alive will be the waving hairstyle of Shyam Badriya, quenching
thirsty life

Updated: October 17, 2018 — 3:54 pm

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