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“Neither love is justified in war nor in war”

Actually, the saying is that everything in ‘love and war’ is justified. But there is a doubt about how everything can be justified in any thing? When each person’s thoughts can vary with the same subject, how can that topic be completely justified or completely illegitimate? Not only this, the fact is that no person is complete in itself. If there is a trait inside him, then there is no need for any kind of demerits and if we have a weakness then how can we justify any work done by him? It may be that a person has tried to correct a work by someone special, he has been trained to do right or even right to correct any action, but expect such a person from every person, especially love or It does not seem fair about war.

If seen, both ‘love and war’ seem to have two sides of the same coin, because the background of love and war is only due to the harm or hurt caused by mutual mail or emotion. Because the emotions are like the waters of the sea, sometimes with their waves, it is on the whole boom, and sometimes very patient, serious and calm. Love is the essence of emotions stemming from the ebb, which makes humans feel like being human. Love has some value and implications, love is a criterion, and the same romantic values, implications and criteria that the lover holds in his mind and heart, the love is recorded in the pages of history.

Love deserves complete surrender and the success of love without complete dedication and allegiance is questionable. Not only this, ignoring the limits of sacrifice, relinquishment and relations makes rejecting anything and making a short time, and this same thing can be understood even in the context of love and war.

It is the nature of the human brain that if it thinks it right without any knowledge of any object, person or place, then it argues in its favor or opposition, and sometimes the argument proves very logical and logical. . It would not be wrong to say that in the context of love and war, ‘love and war are justified in everything’, the saying goes on and on, it definitely seems irrational and irrational. Irrational and fabricated in this sense, if everything is justified in love and war, then it will also have to recognize that as many human destructive wars have been fought or deceit, rumors, perfect battles were fought, humanity was strangled, The way inhuman acts are going on in the name of love, it is all right. As the importance of relationships is being forgotten, the boundaries of relations are being broken, the way the love is united, the way the perversion is taking place, in the name of love, in the name of love, in the way the suicidal tendencies are increasing,

It is worth noting here that at all costs, the craving and craving for everything and lover and warrior both make them voluntary. When it is said that love and war must not be frightened by going to any extent, breaking the boundaries, even if it is too much, then it is not bad, then this statement will prove wrong.

Do not speak too much about extreme, not too good or too quiet 
Not good for a lot of excessive sunshine or sunshine.

How can we say that everything in love and war is justified.

Whereas the truth is that the superficiality of love weakens and also that love is also a great force, then also a big weakness. It is a matter of thinking that strength is fine, but on the day the love becomes weakness, it can be justified for the society and for the nation. The literal meaning of love is that love, delusion or temptation Even though Mohaa wanders from war and even provokes it for war. This is why the fight of sacrifice and acceptance of momentary moment is also continued. I believe that if the cause of war and love is to be overthrown, then everything in it can not be justified. Emotions are the subject of the heart and intellect of the brain. If there is no balance of heart and intellect then the success of any subject is questionable. Because the discriminatory force gives birth to the terrorist, not the warrior, and only to get love through the emotions means to get the love of the narrowness of love.

Today’s consumerist culture has molded the human body into the form of the object. The art of establishing relationships with other humans has been eliminated. Finding the hidden values ​​in their body parts, reading, reading, searching for their emotions, they do not even have the time and technology too. They need everything fast. The expression and denial of love should be done in the same amount of time in which the goods are bought and sold. This is the same period where innocents are killed in the name of protecting jihad and religion and the name of war is given. It is understandable that in the context of various events given by these organizations so far, how fair the motives of war or Naxalist wars of today’s so-called augmented terrorist organizations can be understood. In such a situation, it is natural to take birth in this subject that everything in love and war is justified.

More recently, two topics are discussed in a lot which include ‘Love Jihad’ and religion ‘ISIS’ by dangerous intentions and a cruel manner, which is very relevant in the context of this subject. The love and war is justified to prove to be a dangerous intent and to prove its power and which is being given the name of Jehad. What is the nature of love? When its standard market, advertising, films begin to decide, in such a sensitive topic like love, it has to be stopped. In today’s society, the purpose of love has become very clear; it can be understood through the problems caused by rampant incidents of violence, domestic violence, harassment and malice created in the joint family with women. How can we justify that form of love where the brother-brother is divided, the relationship between father and daughter is stigmatized, In the name of youth love deceit is a victim of deceit and misery and they are doing all this for themselves. How true is that war that takes violent action on talk and talk to make a point. Where there is both love and war being done for the purpose of ‘Aham Brahmasmi’, where love and war are to be used for the sake of enjoyment, rights and property and wealth, in such a way, when everything is justified in love and war, the question arises?

Today, the definition of love has ceased to be forgotten in the love of new relationships for forgetting the old relationships. It is not necessary to get love in exchange for love, but the burden of expectations and expectations in today’s era has increased so much that if love does not get in exchange for love, then it does not lose love and the cruelty of violence gives off. But the truth is that there is no place for violence in love. People who justified everything in the war, have to understand that all problems can not be resolved by war. Though the immediate results of the war may be found, but the next generations bear its bite. That is why Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela’s wealthy people such as Nelson Mandela never supported the war and tried to establish peace system through non-violence in their own country and even broke chains of slavery. Not only this, despite the millions of obstacles, he chose the path of non-violence and peace and inspired people to do so. If everything was justified in the war, non-violent people like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandla, Tagore would have been forgotten so far. Hence it can be said that‘Neither everything is justified in love nor in war. 

Updated: October 17, 2018 — 3:58 pm

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