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Social neglect brings a double blow to mental patients!

The film stars in 2007 revolve around a boy on the ground, suffering from dyslexia. There are problems in reading and writing, but his parents or teachers do not understand his illness, consequently he is treated like a defiant child and sent away from home to boarding school. In fact, the film attracted attention to the serious social problems that exist in the society, in which how society deals with discrimination and discrimination in the knowledge of people with mental illness.

Prices like “Healthy Param Bhagyam” “Healthy means of health” are important for a person. No person wants to suffer from any kind of physical or mental disorder, but rather wants to lead a healthy, stable and happy life, but it is not possible for all people to be ever-present. Sometimes the person is diseased due to some genetic reasons from birth, or some unfortunate incidents sometimes disturb life. In today’s catastrophic physical life, in which a person is relieved of nature or nature is moving away from life, the prevalence of mental illness has increased in the society. These are mental illnesses that sometimes take such a serious form that the person becomes prey to perversions like suicide, in reality this suicide is also a mental disease in itself.

Similarly, whether there is a mental retardation or a serious mental illness like schizophrenia, mental illness itself is deeply hurt by the patient itself, it works to poison the life of its happy life. That is why it is a community responsibility of human society that he sympathizes with such people, behave lovingly, and continues to contribute equally in living a dignified life. But when the society disagrees with its obligations, behaves in a negligent way to mental patients, it not only strikes the mental patients twice, but also suppresses the constitutional rights and human rights of their dignified life.

The right to live equality and dignity is in fact the natural right of a person, which is defined as Article 14 (Parallelism) and Article 21 (Hereditary Life) of the Constitution as the basic right in the democratic governance system.

Now the basic question is that just because someone is suffering from some type of mental illness like madness or thinking about it, there is not the power to think as normal as it is, does it mean that with him Duty registration should be treated and the right to equality be abrogated; It is a violation of human rights. This kind of neglected behavior can be seen at every level of society. In his own family, he is treated differently in his own family, rather than trying to understand and help him, the tendency of neglecting or disrespect is to put extra pressure on the patient. In such a case, the question arises that, as much as the rights are of a healthy and ordinary person, the same is not the same as him. Whether it is cinema or media, art or literature; There is no similarity on the names of similarities.

If you talk about cinema then there are a few films like silence, stars, land and buzz, in which the attempt has been made to light the subject. On a serious problem ranging from the earliest times in society, a serious kind of cinematic presentation is required to think of society and force it to change its discriminatory behavior, because the generality of the access to the cinema has a serious and stable effect on the viewer’s mind. Can do this work better. The same thing applies in the context of our media. Do not forget that the tales of attack-speaking, the media world’s attention never discussed towards this deprived class of society seriously, discussing in vain with unsatisfactory and inefficient subjects. 

If print, electronic and social media raise issues of those mentally ill people, raise issues sensitively; Give a serious message to the society, civil society, people related to political power, law-makers, teachers, doctors, local authorities; Make him a partner in this discussion and motivate all these systems to draw attention to the welfare of the disadvantaged sections, it is certain that the neglectful attitude of society will weaken and sensitivity will increase.

This sensitivity of society is actually a panacea of ​​mental patient. In our society, many such examples pass in us, in which the disabled person touches the strengths of success with the encouragement of his followers. That is why it is necessary to keep this neglected but important issue by the common media.

Two basic pillars such as education and literature can also be part of this initiative, because in today’s education system there is a universal lack of such content and textual structure that can make it possible for a person to develop the ability to fight mental disorders such as depression and depression itself. .

At the same time, there is also a great reduction in how children can be taught a lesson about sensitivity to specific mental diseases. The lack of this principle in the education system has encouraged social neglectful trend in society, not only this, but this lack has encouraged the creation of a society which is not ready to accept the mentally ill-deprived class as a part of the society. , They consider them to be an officer of this defiance.

In fact, education can prove to be a panacea in the solution of this stricken problem. This is the medium that will place the matter of the welfare of this disadvantaged section in the literature and in the intellectual world, this abusive will be the center of religion and it will inspire to suggest solutions.

In Indian society, there were many great men like Gandhi, Buddha, Mahavir, Vivekananda, who have treated the male service as Narayana Seva, lifting it in their life, encouraged the victims of social neglect. In the Indian Constitution, Part-3 and 4, it has been said that by accepting the welfare of a democratic and equitable society, Under this, the Mental Health Act was also created in 1987, in which recent amendments are being made to make it more viable. Similarly, in the original duties, people have also been expected to respect the commonality of all citizens.

The long-term and multi-disciplinary solution to the problems of people suffering from mental disorders is possible only through the participation of people. Different sections of society have to understand that sympathy and love for some people with disabilities will be the foundation for creating a society where no person will be motivated towards suicides due to depression, as well as help in establishing social harmony The mental patient is also at the end; In this context, some lines of former Prime Minister Atal ji seem to be very suitable-

“All desirous will be born here and death will be found, 
then what kind of bondage this human animal will have.”

Updated: October 17, 2018 — 4:01 pm

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