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“Time is valuable but the truth is more valuable than that”

The world is valued which is either rare or which has some significance, and its value is more, which can neither be produced nor can it be controlled ‘time’ Every human being who has come into the world has a certain amount of time, which is continuously decreasing at a regular pace from the time of his birth, Bar G takes it comes again returned to life so time is very valuable, but what is true is even more valuable would it know the first to find out what is actually true.

The word true is derived from the word Saturn of Sanskrit, which means that the Shastva, real or real truth is actually a moral value on which human society is hinged, truth is both auspicious and instrument by which to achieve the ancient Efforts have been made by people since the past.

If we take the truth in the form of a means, then it is a way of achieving human rights such as independence, equality, etc., because that person can make an independent discriminative decision in his own interest, only if there is a complete and accurate knowledge of reality. That person will be considered truly independent only when a person can maintain his proper position in society and then he will be against himself Can lift Avaja against the actions, according to the communist ideology is equal rights to all the Earth’s resources of each person who is born on earth today observes us excessive inequality in society and inequality other Logan by some people By grabbing the rights of him, he has remained due to not making truth about his natural rights, so knowing the truth Only person can achieve a life of equality by acquiring his natural rights on earth.

It is said that the one who walks on the path of truth is victorious and there are many examples of it in history, whether it is the victory of Rama against Ravana in mythology or in the Mahabharata or in the real life of Mahatma Gandhi’s weapons of satyagraha. To get freedom from India, truth has been won everywhere but the path of truth is not so easy to use the truth as a means. The people have to pay a lot for it, like Ram, Vanvas Pandavas have had to endure their inhuman torture by the British and thus even today, the intellectuals who have opposed hypocrisy and the truth have to pay the truth. And sometimes this price is his life, so the truth is very valuable, therefore Sahir Ludhiwanavi has said that –

Lie is a murderer, what his cry is here, the truth has also shed the human blood

Apart from this, truth is not only valuable because it has to pay a lot of value, but it is also valuable that there is a value in itself which has other values, such as belief, integrity, sensitivity, kindness, disability and Humanity’s humanity is thus the basis of the existence of a human in a way truth.

Once the defeat or absence of truth can also cause questions about the existence of humanity and even human beings.

If we believe the truth as a whole, then for many centuries, various scholars have made many attempts to know it. Mahatma Buddha, Mahavir Jayanti, for the discovery of truth, such people abandoned their rule and spent the life of the Companions In the words of Mahatma Buddha-

‘Three things can never be hidden – truth, God and knowledge.’

Likewise, many scholars consider this earth and the world to be Maya and think of lifting momentary on it, it is believed to attain real goal enjoyment of life, because the real goal of human beings on earth is not to attain material comforts but rather In achieving the divine, which is the ultimate goal of every human being, it has been said that

You do not  
have the same exactness and falsehood;

Mahatma Gandhi believes that he is an ideal state not to compromise with the truth under the logical approach like scholar life, such as Immanuel Kant, and it says that to walk the path of truth is indeed a real goal, so Gandhiji says that –

‘Truth Is God’

Yes, it is a different matter that many times people who go on the path of truth have to face extreme hardships and it takes delay in achieving desired goals but it is true that victory is always true, but it is also true that God The house is late but not the darkness

Thus we see that where there is a great price to be paid for achieving truth, by achieving the truth, we achieve our goals easily, from which the basis of humanity is strong and belief in man remains constant because which is not true there Arakta and injustice take your mouth and maybe that is why the Indian government our national motto of truth always wins and Security is and to know the truth to citizens the right to informationBy passing the act, an important weapon has been provided for the realization of the truth because the time on earth is naturally found equal to everyone. Natural rights is also found on earth, but with the help of lies, why should the person, by its natural right Has been deprived of that which can be achieved only through truth, otherwise he has got the right over the land. Brief will not be able to remain his life pointless without rights so someone said that life should not be a great long.

But by the appropriate explanation, let us assume that the truth is more valuable than the time, not the time would have equal significance, because every action or object in life has a fixed time, that thing or action is valuable when the time is appropriate If that thing can not be found on time, why it is so important for us that it is meaningless for us as it has been said to the farmers that

The time that Puni’s desperate rain when drying agriculture

Therefore, the value of rainfall is at the time when it is time at the time that determines the value of anybody, so that justice is not considered justice which can not be found in time, for which an important saying is prevailing that Justice delayed is justice denied .

Apart from this, time is also valuable in itself. Yes it is a different thing that is less valuable for someone and is more valuable to anyone, such as during his exams for a student, time is highly valued as this time Determines the direction of the whole life, and during that time, the students who spend time in desperate times tend to repent for a lifetime, while using this time, Elect to avail those while he time for an ordinary person would not be so valuable, however, decreases the time for both the rate will be the same.

Similarly, many times such a situation comes when you have to compromise with the truth that it is true to say that a blind person is lame to the blind or the lame, but this is not true. In this way if a thief has a hidden person near you with those weapons Even though sending is to choose the path of truth, but it will not be morally right anywhere.

Apart from this, you can find out how valuable the time is, that you can not get back any of the sparks you have given by giving any price to the world, therefore time is not only valuable, it is also priceless that is why it is said is-

Do it today, do it today, do it today, now it will be settled in the moment, when will you multure?

Feminist thinkers even believe that the timing of every event is certain, neither can it move forward nor anybody behind it, every person acts just like a machine, while expressing this, the song of the film Miss

Every time of the day and night, from time to time and today every slave of the time, every time passes

But there are times when such situations occur when we want this time to pass as soon as possible and during the time of sadness or the person suffering from any incurable pain, when the disease is deadly and despite adoption through all the treatment it is fine Otherwise it is better for a person to pass that time as soon as possible.

Thus, from the above analysis it can be concluded that at what time and truth both get their value from each other, but the truth is valuable in both form and means. It is necessary that whatever time it takes but the truth must be united and the truth should be suppressed. Therefore, time and truth are both very valuable. Once compromised can be done from time to time, but truth can not be compromised because time is available to the person, one is the one whose end is definite, but if it understands its true value If it is invested in the right place, then only a little bit of time found in your life makes that entire era valuable. Whereas truth is a value that makes humanity a true humanist. Perhaps someone has said that-

In the blood, the actions will make words in the mouth, 
those who are true people will die in the dead.

Updated: October 17, 2018 — 3:58 pm

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