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What is gdp Is an increase in the overall development of the country?

India’s soul dwells in villages, i.e., when the entire development of the country with 70% of rural population will be referenced, the villages should get priority. In simple terms, the presence of full villages with self-reliant and urban facilities can be a sign of complete development. Also, the fulfillment of basic needs of emerging middle class in cities should also be an essential part of developed India. It is well-known that India has become the world’s fastest growing economy in the statistics and China is also currently in the GDP. The percentage is behind us in growth. Now the question arises that the GDP happened in the last two decades. The increase or the expected intense rise in the future implies the developed nature of India, or it is benefitting only “India” and “India” has been left behind.   

According to a survey, Mukesh Ambani, the richest person of our country, is more than 19 countries of the world, while the other aspect of the picture is that 30-35 per cent of the population of the country is passing below the poverty line. 30% of the population is suffering from malnutrition and 35% of people are still illiterate. Can this situation be called the entire development of the country? Actually, the meaning of whole development is very broad, increase in per capita income, GDP Growth, Human Development Index, Purchasing Power Growth, Shares in Stock Market, etc., show only one side, but still many people see GDP. The growth and human development index are largely a better way of presenting the development of the country as a ‘unit’.

By the way, if the development is happening in real life, then it appears on its own land, for which GDP There is no need to showcase the figures like growth, because it has often been seen that GDP By showing increase, it is shown that the country is moving forward.

By the way, the reality is that GDP It is also not appropriate to say that the only scale of growth is the development of growth. If it is to be noted that GDP Increase the advantage enjoyed social and economic Bdlawa to what class was, it to what extent, how the increased and inclusive country in human index is found to be so self-sufficient, so that possibly it might explores G .Dp Whether growth in the country should be considered as an indicator of overall development of the country or not.

When the level of livelihood of the common people is seen rather than the size of the gross domestic product, then the situation of the country looks something else. How can we claim development without performing well at a social level? Similarly, if the per capita income or national income is considered to be a scale, then there is a paradox in the economies of the Gulf countries, which are considered socially and humane in the lower countries.

When our country came out with the concept of Hindu growth rate, but the lack of development of the country on poverty only appears in statistics. The dream of poverty-free India is just a dream because 80 years of independence is going to be there and still 30-35% of the population is poor. There is regional inequality in poverty too. In the state of Bihar, Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand and Rajasthan, the presence of the poor is more. Unemployment is also similar to poverty. Despite the increase, it is present in different parts of the country, somewhere far more and more. GDP There is also disparity in the rise- more states such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi, GDP. There are signs of development (especially better roads, healthcare facilities, education, availability of electricity and water etc.) because of better investment, there are capital expenditures made by the government and private institutions for the public, Which gets the benefit of the public directly or indirectly. But GDP There is also disparity in the availability of facilities in the states showing growth. In addition, in the states of GDP While growth and investment are low, development opportunities are limited to only parts of the cities. So, to say that the country’s GDP Increasing equality increases, it is not so.

GDP Despite the increase, our Human Development Index is extremely pitiable at the global level. If we are not able to provide better education, health, housing, water, air to our citizens then the GDP There is no justification for the increase In the Human Development Index 2015, we have been ranked 130th in 188 countries. In this case we are also below global average. 7-8 per cent GDP Despite the increase, many challenges are still intact. In the Economic Times Global Business Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said that the goal of his reforms is to bring about change in the lives of the citizens, that is, “reforms for change”.

Re: Per capita income and GDP Growth is often introduced by the government as a prosperity, but when we are seen as the Surf prosperity index, then we look back very backward. Significantly, GDP If growth and per capita income are seen in terms of inflation, then this growth only proves to be deer-mortem. Many times the negative aspects of GDP Efforts are also made to cover by increase. Also, per capita income, which is GDP It is determined by the increase, that is the average increase, not the actual per capita.

GDP Increasingly, the farmer and the working class hardly have any direct or indirect benefit, although the claims are definitely made. For example, by the 1980s, in the goods of 100 rupees, the share of wages was estimated to be 25-30 rupees, cost was 50 rupees and profit was Rs 20-25, but today due to technology and technology, the cost declined and the cost was reduced to 30 -Up to 35 percent and the profit increased to 55-56 percent, but the wages fell to 10-15 percent. Concentration of property remained confined to certain classes and the exploitation of workers and peasants increased. Thus, the country’s GDP The growth of workers and farmers is highest in growth, but their income does not increase and the balanced development of the country can not be achieved.

GDP Growth is determined mainly on the basis of the development of three sectors- agriculture, industry and service sector. GDP in the past few years Any increase in that will be deemed to be virtually restored on the progress of the service sector as progress in agriculture and industry is often low. The increase in agriculture has been dependent on the production of some cash crops. Then what is the progress of the service sector can only be called the balanced development of the country? For example, Gurgaon, which has become a major center of service sector, the progress here only appears in the developed sectors of Gurgaon (now Gururgram) and in the surrounding areas, not the nearby villages and neighborhoods. In the districts of Actually this is a pseudo development.

Keeping in view the middle and upper class of the country, availability of investment opportunities, production of industries and selection of farm crops also marks question marks on the balanced development of the country. GDP Increasingly, the corporate world is pressing government debt. Banks’ investments are turning into Non Performing Assets (NPAs). On the one hand, the number of billionaires is increasing in the country, on the other hand 75% of the country’s population lives in 20 rupees or less, every fourth Indian is hungry, the farmers are committing suicide under the pressure of debt.

GDP of the people of a country There is no relation of In the prosperity index we are below. UNDP’s latest report shows that GDP of a country like Cuba It is low but its human development index is very high. Apart from this, there are some countries such as the United States and Mexico, whose GDP It is high but the Human Development Index is not very good. Similarly, there are some countries which have GDP Higher and non-equals / inequality ratio is also high. The unequal ratio of any country is in proportion to the income of 10 percent of its upper class population and 10 percent of the lower section among the people. Capitalism is currently culled on the entire development model. Property and resources are being reduced in some hands and the majority of the population has become demarcated.

High GDP There is nothing to do with decreasing the inequality of the growth rate, so in conclusion it can be said that the GDP Growth can not be a complete scale of growth, but for GDP growth Growth is important.

Updated: October 17, 2018 — 4:03 pm

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