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The goal of my life: becoming a doctor What is the goal of my life? In other words, after completing the education, what do I want to do? You will get the answer to this question when you go to my house for a while and spend some time in my room. There is a cupboard in my room, in which there are many books full of physics, chemistry and biology (in English and Hindi). I own a small laboratory, which is limited to a small table and a closet. Yet whatever experiments related to science, he used to do in school. I must repeat by coming home. You open this cupboard, Then maybe you’ll be scared, there is a whole hell in it. To get the full knowledge of manpower and destabilization I have bought it. Dadiji calls my room a junkyard and mother tells strange things about my movements. But Dad always applauds my efforts and sometimes lovingly says that my son will become a doctor and will serve the poor people.

My father really speaks of my heart. The goal of my life is to become a doctor and serve the poor. For me, this is the wealth of the world. This is the most sacred meditation. Can sacrifice the happiness and riches of the whole world but can not leave its purpose to forget its purpose. I have given up all kinds of waste. And has sent annual candles of science and medicine journals. These magazines come to my house on time and I read them in a pleasant manner. My biological goal is to become a doctor.

Health is an invaluable wealth of human beings. It is the responsibility of the person to protect it. But when health gets worse, she has to get help from a doctor. The doctor gives him proper medication and advice. Following the instructions of the doctor, the person starts to recover slowly. The doctor has a lot of respect in society. His place is big because he gives a new life to the person. He is very helpful in keeping the person and society free from diseases.
The doctor is the knower of the medical system, so he is able to give appropriate advice to the patient. He not only gives medicines to the sick person but also tells him a healthy routine. He tells the healthy person what kind of diet he should be, so that he can stay away from the diseases. In modern age, new diseases have arisen due to urbanization and pollution.
Infectious diseases have also been overcome, but the outbreak of diseases related to AIDS, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and mental stress have increased. The spread of various diseases has increased the demand for doctors. Masters in modern medical science first find out the disease, then do the treatment. They check the patient’s stool-urine, beating, etc. so that the disease can be properly diagnosed. Nowadays, technical tools such as microscope, stethoscope, X-ray, .cg, ultrasound are being used extensively for diagnosis of disease. The demands of doctors are in the whole world.
They are employed in hospitals and dispensaries. Many doctors operate their own private hospital. Hospitals have modern medical facilities, which help doctors to treat them. To help doctors, there are nurses in the hospital. Nurses feed and care for the patient.
Doctors give proper advice to pregnant women. They take measures to protect the child and the child. They start vaccination of newborn baby. They defend the injured person in the accident. They run vaccination campaigns to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. They recruit serious patients in the emergency room and take them in depth treatment. The patient is kept in the hospital till his health is cured.
Human sensitivity is very important in the business of the physician. The patient also needs medication as well as sympathy and sympathy. Empathy is related to the mind, when the mind gets a proper dose then the body is healthy quickly. Therefore, it is the duty of the physician to treat the patient with humane sympathy and sympathy and treat them with sympathy. He not only sees wealth but also the religion. Religion advises the person to experience the suffering of the victim. Medical days are becoming expensive. In such a situation, poor people are unable to get proper treatment.
Look forward to the doctors for the treatment of the poor. needed. The patient should be on the right healing instead of getting it done quickly. Doctors with these properties find appropriate respect in society. Ill persons also have the obligation to pay attention to the advice of the doctor and do not let their efforts fail.
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