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The difference between India and Pakistan based on constitutional questions is

Context Recently, the newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, promised to make “new Pakistan” in his first address in the country after taking the oath, which will be based on the ideals of “Jinnah and Iqbal’s path expresses”. Jinnah had preferred to establish Pakistan as a liberal Islamic state, as a liberal and democratic […]

Acceptance of assistance from other countries in the current situation of Kerala, how relevant is

Context Recently the catastrophic floods in Kerala attracted the attention of the world and the idea of ​​this flood can be judged by the fact that it has been declared a ‘serious category of calamity’ at the national level. At the same time, for the relief, rescue and reconstruction work in Kerala, the country’s various states […]

Unbalanced changes in Earth’s temperature

Context Recent studies have found that the planet is slowly experiencing an irreversible change in its temperature, which is constantly increasing. The Earth also maintains the existence of various ecosystems as well as balance in its temperature. However, human presence in the stable era of Holocene has continually influenced this balance. Social and economic changes are pushing this […]

The proposal of the formation of the Legislative Assembly by the Orissa State Legislature on

Context  If states have any real benefit from the formation of the Legislative Councils then all the states of the country should rationally adopt the second house / upper house. It is worth mentioning that there are only seven legislative councils in the states and this fact points to the fact that there is no absence […]

BIMSTEC relevance for India

Context Despite being elected Imran Khan’s new Prime Minister in Pakistan, India’s focus is more towards BIMSTEC instead of SAARC to promote regional cooperation, which is an indication of the coordination of India’s strategic understanding with demand of time. In October 2016, immediately after canceling the SAARC Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called the BRICS-BIMSTEC Outreach […]

Relevance of Environmental Impact Assessment

Context Recently, the redevelopment project in Delhi has been the reason for discussion due to legal issues and environmental approvals. Actually, due to the continuous ‘tree rescue campaign’, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development has assured people that the project will be reviewed again. It is notable that in this project, construction of residential colonies as […]

Humans will not live for another thousand years!

“Our universe is full of mysteries and complex structures, science is constantly trying to open the door to these mysteries, unless the mystery is not solved, the hypothesis seems to be, and when the solution is solved, then reality becomes. See, there is not much difference between ‘hypothesis’ and ‘reality’; the same-conceived hypotheses are transformed […]

What is gdp Is an increase in the overall development of the country?

India’s soul dwells in villages, i.e., when the entire development of the country with 70% of rural population will be referenced, the villages should get priority. In simple terms, the presence of full villages with self-reliant and urban facilities can be a sign of complete development. Also, the fulfillment of basic needs of emerging middle class in […]

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